We’re telling you that it's never that bad,
And take it from someone
who's been where you're at.

Let us take you out of the darkness
and into the light,
We have faith in you,
you’ll make it another night.
Dont think of the easy way out,
don’t blow that candle out.

You're not done, you're far too young.
So, go about life aimlessly,
Instead of figuring out how to
commit suicide painlessly.

You’ve tried your best.
You’ve lived with much less.
You’re now deeper in this mess,
But hey! Get off that ledge.

You’re laid out on the floor,
you can’t take this life anymore.
But hey! How to live life life aimlessly?
Is a better search than how to
commit suicide painlessly?

It's not easy living in a world of pain,
Or crashing into stone walls
again and again.
We have all hit the bottom famously,
We have all been forgotten graciously.
But seriously, you can’t
commit suicide painlessly.

We feel your heart ache,
We hear your heart break,
We can tell,
You’re scared as hell.
Give these numbers a try
Before you say goodbye.